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Inspection summary for children and young people

We have received the following inspection summary from Ofsted for Children and Young people – please follow the document link to view this letter in full: Inspection summary for children and young people from Ofsted

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CEOP film ‘Hector and his Friends’ suitable for 5yrs – 7yrs

this is a video

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New Bullying Advice Leaflets

We now have two Bullying Advice leaflets, these were designed by a group of young people as part of the children’s consultation work group for 2014.  These leaflets aim to give you up to date, appropriate information and advice regarding…

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Cyber Bully


What is cyberbullying? Blog by V Cyberbullying is bullying which takes place through the internet or mobile phones. Cyberbullying is different from other forms of bullying because it is really hard to get away from it.  If you are being bullied…

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AFA kids money


Everybody needs money, you might have heard people say “money doesn’t grow on trees” or “I’m not made of money” and unfortunately that’s true, if you want money you either have to earn it or somebody must give it to…

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AFA Kids

Article from J

Afa has given me such a lovely foster family, I think that it has opened up a wide range of opportunity’s for me. If you’re new to being fostered I would not worry about it or worry what will happen…

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SAFER INTERNET DAY – Tuesday 10th February 2015

Safer internet day is all about keeping yourself safe online! Have fun online, but you must keep yourself safe too. Whether you like Facebook,to share photos, upload movies or play games follow a few basic rules to keep yourself safe…

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CEOP KS1 Film : ‘Lee & Kim’ Cartoon Suitable 5 yrs — 7 yrs

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Redwings horse sanctuary visit

We liked our trip to Redwings. We went round and saw horses and donkeys. One of the horses was called Cookie. I liked him because he was very spotty, he looked cute and he rolled about on the grass. This…

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Redwings horse sanctuary day out

We had a lovely trip to the redwings horse sanctuary today, the team at Redwings gave us a tour of the centre and introduced us to all the horses, we then had a picnic lunch with lots of cakes from Toni!

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