Fostering Friends Group – February 2016

The fostering friends group meet during half term for our first group this year. It was great to see some new faces as well as some existing members. I know a few of you could not make it, but hope to see you next time.

When we met, we spent some time creating and designing a board game. This board game is something that we are going to produce for our placement managers to use when talking to sons and daughter of foster carers but also children who have come to live in your family. You can see some of this in the picture below.

Everyone worked very hard and came up with some great ideas. I am now going to spend some time trying to pull these together for when we next meet. Our next support group meeting will be in May half term – I will confirm the date a month or so before hand.

However, the bit that everyone enjoyed the most was the second half of the group which involved games and then cup cake decorating. Everyone enjoyed the glitter and sprinkles and had cakes to take home with them.

Before our next meeting we have our annual fun event for all sons and daughters of our carers. This will be held on Tuesday 29th March and will be bowling and lunch, something that the group decided that children and young people of all ages can be involved in. More information and the invitations will follow soon.

If you are interesting in joining our fostering friends group, please contact me, Toni, on [email protected]

FF feb