October Fostering Friends

The Fostering Friends group met on 26th October 2015. Everyone had fun making their own pizzas for lunch. Nigel and Graeme came to thank the group for all the support that they give their parents in the role of fostering and to give them with thank you letters as well as donuts and cookies for their pudding! They stayed to play forfeit pass the pass, which resulted in Nigel doing 10 star jumps and Graeme singing for 20 seconds!

All those not present should have got their letter of thanks from Nigel and Graeme. we all really appreciate all you do.

During the meeting, the group looked at information about what AFA will do to help and support you as sons and daughters of foster carers. Please remember to ask your parents or placement manager for support when you need it

Please click on the below link to view guidance:

sons and daughters guidance document

fostering friends oct group