Sons and Daughters Month

This is the final blog this month for sons and daughters of our foster carers or for those who are thinking of fostering

What do I do if I am upset or angry?

The first thing is to remember that is it ok to feel this way. Everyone feels upset and angry sometimes, and you will probably find your own ways to deal with this. You might find that you need to take some time to yourself to calm down, or you might want to share your feelings with someone else.

Who can I talk to?

It is important that you always feel you can talk to someone who understands. Always consider speaking to your parent/s about anything that is bothering you. You could also speak to someone else within your family, such as an aunt, uncle or grandparent.

Your Placement Manager will visit your family to check everything’s going okay. Their job is to support your family with fostering. They should speak to you during their visits. If something is bothering you, you should talk to them about it.

AFA runs a special group for sons and daughters of foster carers called ‘Fostering Friends’. We meet up a few times a year. This is a chance for you to get to know other children or young people who foster and to talk about what it means to you. It is also a chance to have fun and to help AFA learn how best to support you and your family.