Sons and Daughters Month

AFA works hard to support all of our sons and daughters of foster carers and to make sure that they are recognised for the important part that they plan. This is the first in a serious of blogs which gives some advice on how to get the support you need or how to deal with different situations.

Fostering involves the whole family. Lots of families foster, and the experience is different for everyone. It is important that you know what is going on and who is coming to stay. You should ask questions if you are unsure about anything.

Having someone new come and live with you will have a huge impact on your life. Although your parent/s will be responsible for the children that come to stay, your life will change too, and you will be involved in helping to make them comfortable in your home. Fostering is very much something the whole family are involved in.

As part of a fostering family, you can make a real difference. When you do find things difficult, try to remember that the other children are away from their own homes, and the people that they know, which can be tough. If you are friendly and welcoming this can help them feel more comfortable.

You will get to meet lots of new people, and it can be fun to have other people in the house. Hopefully you will find fostering a good experience overall.