March 2016 Consultation Group

We had lots of fun at the AFA Children’s Consultation Group on the 18th March.  We started with a game – the Chocolate Chomp – chocolate is nice but not so easy to eat when you are wearing gloves and have to use a knife and fork!  We spent some time talking about the things that the Group would like to talk and learn about when we meet later in the year.  We came up with various topics such as having some first aid training and also some tips for children and young people new to foster care who might be worried about what to tell their friends about their situation.  We also talked about fun ideas for the CCG’s summer day out.

We got to know a bit more about each other by playing Mingle Bingo before drawing some pictures which will be used a leaflet explaining what the Group does.  We had some brilliant ideas for a Group logo.  Lunch was wraps, fruit, crisps and cake – lovely.  And to finish, by popular demand, was another game of Chocolate Chomp, played until there was no chocolate left!