My trip to China: Experience of a lifetime

On the 19th June 2018 I was given the amazing opportunity to go to China. It was something I
never thought I would be able to do but in the long process of organising and planning with my
school, nearly 2 years later I was getting ready to board my first flight halfway around the world.

When arriving at the airport emotions were overflowing and the excitement in the air was
immense. The first flight we took was Norwich airport to Amsterdam, Schipol Airport and then
from Amsterdam we had our flight to Beijing in China.

We arrived in Beijing and met our tour guide for the trip. We did many wonderful things in
Beijing, and after spending 6 nights In Beijing we took the Bullet train to Shanghai, where we
spent a further 2 nights.

Here are just some of the many things we did during the trip…
● Visited the Summer Palace
● Spent 2 days in Chinese school doing various activities and experiencing Chinese culture:
Calligraphy and Chinese painting, Pyrography, Pearl picture painting and Kung Fu Class
● Visited a section of the Great Wall Of China
● Went to Beijing Zoo
● Visited Tian’an Men Square and the Forbidden City
● Visited The Temple of Heaven and Pearl Market
● Had a Tea Culture experience with a Tea Ceremony, tea Performance and Tea Tasting
● Visited the Beijing Enamel Factory tour
● Took the Bullet Train from Beijing to Shanghai
● Went on a beautiful Evening river Cruise on Huangpu River to see the Bund and CBD
night view
● Public Transport experience on the subway
● Visited Shanghai Museum

These were all fantastic experiences and i’m extremely grateful to be able to have explored and
learnt about these places. Overall I believe the trip has made me a more rounded person and
appreciate different cultures and travelling is something I am definitely going to consider In the

I would like to thank AFA for helping me to have this amazing experience.